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*Shoot for the moon, even if you fail you'll land among the stars*

-Ramblings of a FanGirl-

17 June 1989

"Shoot for the moon, even if you fail you'll land among the stars."

22. French. Gemini. Squealing fangirl. Stubborn. Childish (sometimes). Hopeless romantic (always). Dreamer. Pessimistic. Paradoxical. Stressed. Sensitive. Talkative. Picky. Obsessive. Random. Fanfiction whore. Trying to find her way. Doesn't easily let people in. Quite shy with people she doesn't know. Otherwise, pretty crazy. Wish she could be more daring. Rants all the time. Likes to prove people wrong. Gets angry as fast as she can be happy. Dreams to go to Stockholm, Australia,.. wherever she can.
Misc: Listening to loud music. The words 'cute' & 'gorgeous'. Being awake when everyone else sleeps. Sunny days. Starbucks shops. Seeing one of her favorite fanfic updated. The smell of monoï. London and everything related. Talking in the third person. Spending endless time at the library. Double chocolate layer cake. Boston cream donuts. Oreos. New York City. Caramel frapuccinos. Planes. Sleeping in.
Music: Anna Nalick. McFly. Cocoon. James Blunt. Yann Tiersen. Coldplay. Norah Jones. Eva Cassidy. Zazie. Damien Rice. Cat power. The moldy peaches. Kate Walsh. Rosie Thomas. Yiruma. Vienna Teng. Muse. Rob Pattinson. Elliott Smith. Isaac Russell. Joshua Radin. Adele. The Fray. Kings of Leon.
Movies: Amelie. My blueberry nights. Finding Neverland. Pride & Prejudice. Dirty Dancing. The Notebook. The Lion King. Aladdin. Mulan. Sense & Sensibility. About a boy. Into the wild. Sex and the city. Romeo & Juliet. Teen movies. Twilight. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. The sisterhood of the travelling pants (1 &) 2. Before Sunrise. Before Sunset. Shakespeare in love. Little Ashes. Mona Lisa's smile. Speak. The boat that rocked. Remember me. Easy A. The King's Speech.
TV Shows: Veronica Mars. Sex and the city. Dawson's creek. Ally McBeal. The Office. Bones. HIMYM. Criminal Minds. Misfits. (Glee. Supernatural. Skins. The OC. Gossip girl. OTH)
Books: Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix (J.K Rowling). PS I love you. Where rainbow ends (Cecelia Ahern). This Lullaby. The truth about forever. Along for the ride. Lock and Key (Sarah Dessen). Twilight. New Moon. Eclipse (Stephenie Meyer). I heart you, you haunt me (Lisa Schroeder). Before I die (Jenny Downham). On the Jellicoe Road (Melina Marchetta). Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins)

Fanfics: Wide awake. Breaking bella. Edward wallbanger. Boycotts and barflies. Bitter sweet symphony. Tropic of virgo. Trust in advertising.
OTP: Edward/Bella. James/Lily. Veronica/Logan. Jim/Pam. Chuck/Blair. Booth/Bones Pacey/Joey. Peeta/Katniss.
Guilty pleasure: Bella/Rosalie. Alice/Rosalie. James/Sirius. James/Sirius/Lily.

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