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20th-Dec-2008 12:12 am(no subject)
Icons my dears!

[001-008] Gossip girl (2x13 and cast)
[009-010] Alexis Bledel
[011-014] TwilightYou are beautiful, no matter what they say..Collapse )
16th-Jun-2008 11:54 pm - Ressources post
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-James/Lily lilyandjames 
-Gaspard from there

-Big Ben 
-Edward Cullen.. 
-Sunny days

-Nate/Serena  allineediskimi


-Leah/Jacob & Sethcolorization -Edward/Bella[info]justcullen

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14th-Jun-2008 12:31 am(no subject)
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Icons post ^^
The HP ones were really for fun and were made before JKR released her fanfic (except one but you'll see)

[001] 27 dresses quote
[002-014] Gossip girl (mostly Serena)
[015- 021] HP fun

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If you get a drink, they're also serving pigs. Collapse )
10th-May-2008 01:20 am(no subject)
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Some icons I made a while ago with quotes I liked and I thought someone could like them (or not XD)

[01-02] Avril Lavigne
[03] Amelie Poulain
[04-05] Anna Nalick
[06] Greek
[07] Others
[08-09] The lion king
[10] Gunnar Ardelius
[11] Nada surf
[12-15] Natalie Merchant
[16] Norah Jones
[17-19] OTH
[20-21] Sydney White and the seven dorks
[22-23] The notebook
[24] Switchfoot
[25-26] Natalie Portman



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30th-Mar-2008 07:17 am(no subject)
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The Notebook [001-078]
A lot are the same, with different coloring.

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Caps by djcapslock



29th-Feb-2008 07:00 pm(no subject)
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I love doing those kind of things..
Ship list: memeCollapse )
21st-Feb-2008 09:03 pm(no subject)
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Greek Icons yay ^^
I am not really proud of them even though a few are cute, I think =)

[001- 019] Greek (1X01 Pilot)
[020- 028] Greek (1X07 Multiple choice)


15.03: I edited most of them, it was really too dark.

21st-Jan-2008 12:12 pm - 100 movies in 2008
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I saw that everybody was doing that so, why not? I'm a little late but I'm sure I can do it :D
Stolen the rules from joliechose

1. I watch 100 movies or more in 2008.
2. I keep track of how many I watch in this post.
3. I only record first-time movies.
4. I leave the entry public. If you want to recommend any movies to me, go for it.

- : I didn't enjoyed it
+ : I enjoyed it (that doesn't always mean it was good)
++ : I loved it
* : seen in theater

MoviesCollapse )

I will do the same for books, though I may not read 100 books, I just want to keep track.

BooksCollapse ) Edit: 12.11
14th-Jan-2008 04:33 pm(no subject)
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[1-16] Amelie
[17] Dirty Dancing
[18-25] Harry Potter and the Order of the phoenix
3rd-Jan-2008 09:28 pm(no subject)
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I come back with some icons I made this afternoon.


[1-3] Gaspard Ulliel. Isn't he so cute?!
[4-8] Natalie Portman.
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